Mexican Wolf Pups Debut in St. Louis

Mexican wolf (Canis lupus)
Originally uploaded by Jim Scarff

Five Mexican gray wolf pups, which include four males and a female, were born May 2nd at the Endangered Wolf Center outside St. Louis, Missouri. The pups will be released into the wild when they reach the age of 18 months to 3 years. Only 42 wolves currently live in the wild. The center has been central to the recovery of the Mexican gray wolf population, with 162 pups having been born there. Executive Director Max Sebald says these 5 pups can make a big difference to the recovery of this species. He is quoted in the Associated Press article as saying, “When you start with essentially zero in the wild, these five lives make an immeasurable difference.” Read the full article and see a pic of one of the cute pups at the News-Leader.


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