They Put Me in a Cage

I couldn’t decide whether to write about this one because it upset me so. The good news is that conservationists say there is now evidence that the clouded leopard is not extinct in Bangladesh as previously thought. Unfortunately the evidence for this is that villagers came upon a mother and her two cubs eating a monkey. They managed to catch one of the cubs and then proceeded to keep it in a cage for three weeks. Conservationists convinced the villagers to release the 3-month-old cub back into the wild rather than selling it. Will the cub survive on its own since cubs are probably not independent until around 10 months of age? Will the mother come back and reclaim it? I don’t really want to think about the fate of this cub too much. You can read the full story in Thanh Nien, or read a different version (with a better version of the heart-rending photo of the caged cub) at the Daily Mail. Sigh.


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