Have Your Bluefin Tuna and Eat It Too

Wired has a fascinating story on how biotechnologists are searching for a way to get bluefin tuna to spawn in captivity so we can continue to eat them in delicious sushi rolls without actually making them go extinct. From the involvement of the Italian mafia in the bluefin trade, to using spotter planes to chase down the remaining young tuna in the wild and then fattening them up in pens before they have a chance to reproduce, to a single fish that sold for $173,000, this article has a lot more intrigue than your run-of-the-mill fish story. For those interested in sustainable seafood, you can download your own seafood watch pocket guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Quick tip for your sushi: stick to the troll/pole-caught bigeye and yellowtail.)


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