Chesapeake Critters

Back when I first started vacationing at the Chesapeake Bay in the mid 1990s, it was an exciting event to see an osprey. Now we see them every day. In one recent year, we counted twelve at once perched in the dead trees around the swampy area by the dirt road. And every year, one pair raises their family in the nesting platform at the fire station.

Of course, deer are also plentiful in the area around the bay. Here is one grazing by the post office.

And another in the yard of one of the houses down the dirt road.

Speaking of the dirt road, here is an example of the froggy fellows who like to hang out in the water-filled ditches at the sides of the road. They don’t really like posing for photographs and usually make a splashy disappearance before I get close enough for a good picture.

But frogs are publicity seekers in comparison to turkeys. Every year, my quest is to get a photo of the turkeys that live in the woods. They make every effort to thwart my attempts. This year, as usual, they showed up mid-week, scurrying across the dirt road while I was distracted looking for the frogs in the ditch. I snapped some pictures as they vanished into the woods, but I had to use some Blade Runner-type photo analysis to make out their shadowy figures in the midst of the sun-dappled trees. But later in the day, one was loitering in a neighbor’s driveway. The picture I got before it strutted off isn’t great, but it is definitely identifiable as a turkey.

And, lastly, here is our Doberman, Ilsa, who is clearly wondering why we don’t live at the shore all year round. Sometimes, Ilsa, I wonder the same thing.


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