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New Snub-nosed Monkey Nothing to Sneeze at

I have been sadly and embarrassingly neglectful of this blog (and my Virtual Stable, but that’s another story) for, oh, about 3 months now, so I’ll be trying to backtrack and cover some of the biggest stories of that period. But first up is a very recent one about the discovery of a new species of snub-nosed monkey in Burma. The species was discovered in Himalayan forests by primatologists from Fauna & Flora International, the Myanmar Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association, and the People Resources and Conservation Foundation. Locals, who say the monkey sneezes when it rains, call the monkey mey nwoah or “monkey with an upturned face,” but it will now also be known as the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey.  Sadly, the monkey is critically endangered due to logging and hunting. The monkey looks somewhat like Skeletor (see article from Telegraph UK for proof), but I guess this is not enough to discourage the locals from eating it. I guess they’ve never seen He-Man. Perhaps conservation efforts should focus on exporting this cartoon to the forests of Burma as soon as possible.