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Nessie Relative in England’s Lake District?

According to Big Pond News, investigators are searching England’s Lake District after two people reported seeing something in the water. The eyewitnesses, who initially thought they were seeing the Windermere ferry, caught the strange ripples on camera. Some investigators believe that the sighting is evidence that a cousin of Nessie is living in the lake and are planning to return with sonar equipment.


Judge Restores Protection for Grizzlies

Saying that the Fish and Wildlife Service ignores its own evidence when making decisions, a federal judge in Montana restored protections for the grizzlies in and around Yellowstone Park. In his ruling, the judge said the bears are at risk because populations of whitebark pine trees, the nuts of which are an important food source for the bears, are declining due to forest fires and global warming. The ruling will protect almost 600 bears in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Stories about the ruling can be found in the Los Angeles Times and at ABC News.


British Explorers on Search for Orang Pendek

A group of scientists and explorers from the Centre for Fortean Zoology is embarking on an expedition to Indonesia to search for the orang pendek, a powerful ape that walks upright. The four-man team will also be looking for the nagas–30-foot-long horned snakes–and a golden cat with a stubby tail known to the locals as the cigau. Read the full story in the North Devon Gazette, and also check out the story on Cryptomundo.


Resistance to Bluefin Ban is Futile

The European Commission has agreed to list the bluefin tuna as an endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as long as a scientific report due in November shows that the fish is still endangered. European commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries Joe Borg says the situation for the fish has “improved considerably,” but I don’t think a lot is going to happen in two months to make the population sustainable, so chances for the fish to be listed are hopefully good. Borg also said fishermen who resist the ban will be assimilated. (OK, so he actually said they might be given financial help to leave the industry. I’m letting my new set of ST: TNG commemorative plates get the better of me.) Read the full story in the European Voice.